Thursday, March 27, 2014


Since I have made a Facebook page to link my web store and blog I was stunned and somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of people that have reached out to me with questions, comments and just overall communication. I’m thrilled you all are so interested in my blog and work, for that I am making March Q&A month, even though I already have posts lined up feel free to keep the questions coming. Some questions may seem a bit silly but I welcome almost all questions, just not any which may be harassment/offensive to some. Keep it clean.

Today’s Q&A

Do you do any sacrifices on animals or anything? –E.B.
Wiccans and Pagans do not sacrifice animals or any of living being, I can not sit here and tell you all people practicing the craft do/don't but I can tell you its not the way of wiccans and pagan "Harm None". Though I do get annoyed when some people say there is no sacrificing within the craft. The only religion I know of that does is Santeria,  but don't get the wrong idea. Where there is a sacrificial ceremony it is not to worship the devil or demons, some religions and cultures believe it is an offering to there gods.

-The Crafty Witch

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