Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Simple Wish Spell

For the month of April I had opened up to some of my followers and asked what type of spells do they use and need on a daily bases or just in general - each blog post except for holidays or days of importance I will be posts a different spell every day.

Todays Spell

Simple Wish Spell

You need:
•A candle to represent yourself
•A piece of paper to represent your wish

Light the candle then take the piece of paper, on one side draw a pentacle. On the other side write your desire or wish you want to come true. Burn the paper and concentrate on your wish.  You may place the paper on a plate or safe surface – while burning say
"May this candle represent thee"
"As I place this desire in the flame shall my need be seen"
"Fulfill my need as quick as can be
 by the power of three bring the (need) to me, so mote it be"
-The Crafty Witch


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