About Me

My name is Kelly and I began seeing spirit at age 5. I suffered from anxiety for years, not knowing if what I was seeing was real or if I was by some peoples standards “crazy”. After struggling for many years I went to a spiritual teacher about all the things I was experiencing and that’s how I found out that I had the ability to communicate with spirit. Knowing I come from a long line of psychic mediums in our family, growing up with “the dead” was a normal situation for me, but I never thought I could have those abilities. School was hard enough I didn't need to throw in “the girl who sees dead people” into the mix of things. No one other then my family and close friends knew about my gifts. When I was thirteen is when I started experiencing more and more activity and from that point on I realized if I can help at least one person from this gift it would be worth having.

Fast forward a few years now being 20 years of age I still am learning from my gift and trying to help others in the process. I dedicated the last seven years of my life learning, studying, and practicing the ways of the shaman and holistic healers, majoring in Anthropology of the Occult and Anthropology of Native Americans.

Unfortunately some people view my gift as witchcraft or the devils work but I can assure you these gifts would not have been given to me if I wasn't supposed to use them for good and the good of others. 

People fear what they can’t understand.

I currently run this blog by myself, The Crafty Witch is a blog that I started as well as the site Spell Book and Candle & Cosmic Seekers which I run with a close friends of mine, Shaylee.