Friday, April 25, 2014

Healing Spell

For the month of April I had opened up to some of my followers and asked what type of spells do they use and need on a daily bases or just in general - each blog post except for holidays or days of importance I will be posts a different spell every day.

Todays Spell

-The Crafty Witch


  1. can i cast this spell twice on the same candle. i first cast it on a new moon on dec 11th blowed it out and relit in on today dec 13th will it still have the same affect. will it do what its meant to do. after the candel goes out?

    1. by the way my name is carolina my number is 702-358-1866

    2. Your really only suppose to do one spell per candle and let it burn out all the way. Consetrate. And believe it is working, so it will work. Good luck.