Monday, September 2, 2013

Witch's Broom Treat Bags!

I think this is a absolutely cute idea, no matter if its a child or adult party - these can be used as a centerpiece, decoration, or even a party favor/treat bag. The witch's broom treat bags are very easy to make and all the items can be bought at your local Dollar Tree or around your own home!
Best of all this project will only cost $4.00!

What You'll Need:

. Brown Paper Lunch Bags

. Scissors
. Rubber Bands
. Ribbon, String, or Yarn
. Sticks (from your yard)
. Candy

*All items italicized are item you probably already have around your own home.

Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

1. Create the broomfs bristles by cutting one of the
paper bags in 1.2" strips from the very top (where
the bag opens) to the very bottom, stopping at the
part of the bag that sits flat on the table top.

2. Lay the cut paper bag flat on the table. Place the uncut
paper bag on top of the cut paper bag, so that the bottoms
are sitting exactly on top of one another.

3. Fill the uncut paper bag about one-quarter full with the
candy of your choice.

4. Put the stick in the middle of the uncut paper bag.

5. Bring the loose strips of the cut paper bag up and around the
sides of the uncut paper bag. Holding both bags tightly against
the stick (about half way up) secure with a rubber band.

6. Tie a piece of string, yarn, or ribbon tightly around the paper
bags, concealing the rubber band. Trim excess paper bag.

Here is also link for those of you how would like to have a print out of the directions - it will take you to the Dollar Tree site where you can print out a PDF!

Go For PDF!

-The Crafty Witch

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