Monday, September 30, 2013

DIY Spooky Tree Centerpiece

The Tree Centerpiece really pulls together a room, whether it be spooky for child’s fun, it will definitely have everyone looking twice

Best of this entire project will only cost $3.00!

What you'll Need:

Black Plastic Cauldron
• Floral/Craft Foam
• Glass Gems, Rocks, or Stones
Halloween Tinsel Garland
Plastic Skeleton Garland
Twigs from Your Yard
Paint & Paint Brush (Optional)
• Glittery Bat Ornaments (See Directions on Page 2)

*All items italicized are item you probably already have around your own home.
*All items underlined are optional

Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

1. First, gather a few spooky-looking twigs from your yard.

2. Place the floral/craft foam in the center of the cauldron and
fill the empty space around the foam with glass gems, rocks,
or stones. This will anchor your foam and provide stability
for your tree.

3. Stick the twigs from your yard securely into the foam... make
sure you push them far into the foam for stability. Arrange
twigs into your desired tree shape. If you want to paint your
twigs black or another color, do that next. They will be easier
to paint standing upright in the foam. Set the tree aside to dry.

4. Once the twigs are dry, cover the stones at the base of the
tree with Halloween tinsel garland, then place the skeleton
garland on top of the tinsel and position the skeletons
however you wish.

5. Decorate the tree with more skeletons, Halloween creepy
creatures, or handmade glittery bat ornaments (see directions
on page 2).


I did mine a little differently but both ways are acceptable. I had bits of gravel from around by house that I was able to anchor mine down with but there are many options available at your local Dollar Tree to find what you would like best. Also I did not line the bottom of my tree centerpiece with tinsel garland and the skeleton garland, I was going for a spookier look to I surrounded mine with Spanish Moss (available at the Dollar Tree)


Here is also link for those of you how would like to have a print out of the directions - it will take you to the Dollar Tree site where you can print out a PDF!

-The Crafty Witch

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