Monday, September 16, 2013

DIY Spider Web Vase

I think this is such a cute and simple idea, no matter if its a child or adult party - these can be used as a centerpiece, decoration on a table or mantle. The Spider Web Vase is  very easy to make and all the items can be bought at your local Dollar Tree or around your own home!

Best of all this project will only cost $3.00!

What You'll Need:

• 71⁄4" Glass Cylinder Vase
White Tissue Paper
• Craft Glue
Foam Paint Brush
• Glitter
• Spider Web Stencil
LED Tealight Candles
Glow Sticks

*All items italicized are item you probably already have around your own home.
*All items underlined are optional

Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

1. Tear white tissue paper into small 2" pieces.

2. Using a foam paint brush and craft glue, spread a thin layer of
glue on the vase (working in small sections so you don’t glue
yourself to the vase!). Stick the pieces of tissue paper onto the
glue, allowing them to overlap a little. Then, dip the foam brush
in glue and spread some more glue on top of the tissue, working
carefully so as not to tear the tissue. Repeat these steps until
your vase is covered in a layer of white tissue paper. Set aside
to dry.

3. Once the vase is completely dry, place the spiderweb stencil
(see next page) inside the vase and trace over the lines from
the outside of the vase with craft glue. Sprinkle glitter (in your
choice of color) over the glue, covering it completely. Working in
small sections will make the tracing process easier. Be sure to
work over a plate so you can catch and reuse the excess glitter.
If you want the web design on both sides of the vase, simply
reposition the stencil and keep tracing with glue and sprinkling
with glitter until you've covered the entire vase or reached your
desired eerie effect. Set vase aside to dry.

4. Once the glitter and glue are completely dry, carefully brush
off the excess glitter with a dry paint brush. 

5. OPTIONAL: Place LED tealight candles or glow sticks inside the vase for a spooky effect!


I did mine a little differently but both ways are acceptable. I printed out the stencil and placed it inside the cylinder vase and applied the glue directly to the outer surface of the vase following the stencil design. All I did then was sprinkle the glitter over the glue (with a paper plate underneath to catch any falling glitter.)


Here is also link for those of you how would like to have a print out of the directions - it will take you to the Dollar Tree site where you can print out a PDF!

-The Crafty Witch

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