Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sybil Leek's Six Tenets of Witchcraft (2 of 6)


 Harmony is something we must give ourselves. It is not something others can attain for us, nor is it something that we can gain without effort. It is a gift to our soul, from our soul. How do we interact with others? Do we allow the shortcomings of the people in our life to negatively affect us? Are we forever blaming other people, and making excuses instead of finding reasons? If we are, then we are lacking harmony and must re-evaluate our life, and our perception of what things are. To truly find harmony, we have to stop looking around us and begin looking inside us. To this effect, harmony must work hand in hand with the concept of balance.
original author *Patti Willington
- The Crafty Witch

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