Monday, February 3, 2014

Sybil Leek's Six Tenets of Witchcraft (1 of 6)

In some forms of traditional witchcraft, there are six basic tenets. These simple principles are guidelines meant to help practitioners lead positive and spiritually fulfilling lives. Although they vary somewhat from one tradition to the next, they are nearly always similar in spirit and intent. This list, which was created by author Sybil Leek as an outline of tenets of faith, includes balance, harmony, trust, humility, tolerance, and learning. While not universal to all belief systems, these tenets can be a valuable tool for self-discovery.


Balance is found in all things. We find it in nature all the time. If balance can exist in the natural world, surely we can find it within ourselves. Our physical selves, our emotional state, and our spiritual plane… by finding the right balance of these three parts of our lives, we can live as better human beings. When our balance is thrown off, that's when we begin to suffer. Too much of anything sends us off-kilter -- for example, someone who takes on too much emotional baggage will begin to feel physically unwell. A person who is not having their spiritual needs met is likely to be emotionally fragile. Without balance, it is nearly impossible for us to be a well-rounded person.
Original author *Patti Wigington
-The Crafty Witch

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