Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Robe and The Boline

The Robe

This is perhaps one of the most controversial items in this section. For those
of you who believe that the only way to work is skyclad (naked), by all means,
proceed. I'll not argue with you, work as you like. There are those of us, into
middle age and living in cooler climates, who like robes. Robes also appeal to
the more theatrical among us who enjoy costumes and for whom the robe sets a
mood. This area is best left to personal opinion. Robes can be quite ornate,
with hoods, rope belts, long and flowing fabrics; or very simple.

The matter of color is a personal one as well. Many prefer black, being the
color of the night sky, mystery, and the unknown. Some feel black has negative
connotations and wear white, it is up to each witch to decide for themselves. In
Ceremonial Magic and some traditions robes are worn in planetary colors,
elemental colors, and the colors of the office held by the individual. You may
decide to utilize color correspondences appropriate to the particular magical
working you will be doing when choosing the color of your robes. Do what suits
you. In some covens tabard in the elemental colors are worn by those who call
the quarters over the top of their normal robe.

Do consider practicalities when choosing a robe, if you will be attending
outdoor rituals be sure to consider the weather and select appropriate fabric to
keep warm if necessary. A heavy wool cloak can be added to help with this, as
well as long johns. Be aware of the sleeves and flowing fabric since you will
likely be around candles and perhaps even a fire. The fabric should be flame
resistant and the sleeves containable. Whatever sort of robe you use it should
never be worn for anything other than ritual, it is a magical garment and must
not be used for any mundane purpose. When you are done with ritual change into
your regular clothes.

The Boline

Pronounced as bow-leen, the Boline or white handled knife is the usable,
practical knife used to cut herbs, cords, whatever one must cut. It should be
kept sharp enough to actually be useful.A simple kitchen or hunting type knife
that has a painted white handle or sometimes a white horn or antler handle may
be used for a boline. There are bolines available that are shaped like a
crescent and are reminiscent of a Druids knife. These are lovely, and perfectly
acceptable, but by no means necessary. They can be difficult to cut with.

-The Crafty Witch

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